Enmar Engineering specializes nearly all and every aspects of design, engineering and consultancy works. Every project we successfully put our signature beneath, reverberates our wide-angled perspective and customized approach to each and every client. Our broad ranged service potential is the main foundation for our diverse portfolio. Minding every detail of each service branch, we are reaching the completion of a turnkey engineering service step-by-step.

Enmar Engineering has the ability to handle any kind of small or large-scale projects in any location by delivering quality electrical design, engineering and consultancy services. Enmar Engineering consists diverse range of electrical design services that can be found under one roof: Airports, Data Centers, Mixed Use, Shopping Malls, Commercial Centers, Financial Centers, Public, Health Care, Hotels, Residences, Sport, Urban Design, Planning, Industry, Telecommunication, Education, Stores, Restaurants.

We aim to ensure integration with all disciplines, energy and cost efficiency, long-term provisions, sustainability. For every project we are exerting our practical understanding of engineering with turnkey solutions. Our solutions are exact fittings for our client’s requirements and needs combined with our wide experience in market.

Enmar Engineering has always kept mechanical system design and engineering services integrated with electrical design services as a must. With experience more than 20 years in market, Enmar Engineering has always approached to electrical and mechanical engineering as the complements of a whole. Integration with all disciplines is the main criteria for a stable building design system, which creates our main point of view.

Lighting design is based on technical knowledge and human. This means energy efficiency, calculations according to international norms, accuracy and sensitivity for specific requirements and spaces, also pursuing aesthetic.

It’s a known fact that lighting has effects on daily life, lighting level calculations that determines lighting design has the biggest role. Lighting design also consists using the natural night in most efficient way, making visual comfort priority. Interior and exterior lightings, emergency lightings, façade lightings, road lighting and all kinds of lighting calculations and layouts regarding to it are being established with a dedicated work, by examining the project well. Our lighting design specialist team use DIALux, DIALux evo etc. equivalent programs for the best results in lighting calculations that leads to best layout solutions.

As technology advances, building design and management systems evolves and become more integrated. A normal building has lots of different branches constituting it, lots of different points to control them. But a smart building can work all these different branches such as HVAC, lighting, power, closed-circuit cameras etc. together with automation. Building Management Systems (BMS) controls, monitors, coordinates and communicates these branches with each other through a software and a computing system. There are some protocols for this system such as KNX, DALI and BACnet that allows these features to be centralized and applicable.

Automation system is the basic for the sustainable and efficient environment and Enmar Engineering applies BMS principles to their projects with a specialized team to meet these requirements.

Transferring and storing data, fast reach to information, easier communication are the growing needs for today’s world. These goals can be achieved through a solid infrastructure system. It’s vital to be in coordination with electrical and mechanical systems to deliver best solutions and acquire solid infrastructure.

Enmar Engineering provides technology system design services within scope of low voltage systems. Enmar Engineering covers data and voice cabling, fiber optic, security (CCTV, card access control) system, audio/visual systems, SCADA system etc. in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system.

Creating sustainable environment, designing green buildings is much more than a client’s request for us. Enmar Engineering is approaching to sustainability as a responsibility to our world, for now and future.

Sustainable design can be provided with coordination between client, consultants, architects and designers by examining the project, detecting the requirements and finding solutions specifically for the project. Energy efficiency, collaboration with electrical and mechanical systems, including renewable energy resources if there are any and other elements that may effect sustainability are being considered through this process.

We have a diverse portfolio with projects complying and awarded with LEED certification. For these projects we are working tightly with the project teams to get the best results and fulfill necessary Green Building requirements.

Evaluation and analysis are the keystones for master planning studies. Master planning requires long-term provisions which requires a detailed site examination. Site and building infrastructure assessments leads and supports every system throughout the project. An effective master planning study will lighten the connected systems burden. When a new power demand occurs, the system infrastructure should be able to meet the demand and existing system will continue to operate without a problem.

Enmar Engineering have years of experience, worked on various types of urban design projects and have the ability to handle projects in any scale. Knowing master planning is the start point of each project, we are reaching to completion with a coordinated study.


Renewable energy is one of the most important issues of creating sustainable environment. It’s called clean energy and does not cause carbon emission. Using renewable energy will reduce the dependence to fossil fuels and increase the usage of eco-friendly solutions.

Adapting the best renewable solution to a project requires examining local resources, feasibility studies and preliminary work according to project type. Renewable energy generation happens on site, so local resources are significant and most supportive issue for to recoup and profit from the invested money in future years. Along with that, funding, compliance to local regulations are also decisive factors. Renewable energy solutions must be compatible with electrical and mechanical systems to form an integrated system.

Test and commissioning starts when the project phase finishes, it is the last step before the project gets fully operational. In this step, systems in facility are being subjected to some functional and performance tests. As the result, system elements should be verified to work together without a problem and ready to go functional. This process is about testing the systems, reporting the outcomes and ensure everything operates how it’s supposed to operate. Client, manufacturers, contractors are all present on site during this process. Especially systems such as generators, uninterruptible power supplies, fire detection and alarm systems, lightings and etc. are the main focus points.

Enmar Engineering handles and manages test and commissioning phase with a great care, careful to be present and ready to step in whenever it’s necessary.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a 3D model based system allows viewing, drawing and managing a project. BIM contributes to projects by realizing the project with 3D modeling, adaptable to changes, managing projects easier, reducing the costs. Therefore connected systems in the project can be monitored more accurately.

Enmar Engineering always follows the current innovations in the sector. BIM became a requirement in the sector with lots of benefits, so we quickly put it into practice to meet the emerging need of 3D modeling.

Enmar Engineering delivers project management service by combining engineering, project supervision and consultancy experience for to achieve all goals the project requires for a successful completion. Enmar Engineering gathers each factor that consists project management service under one roof. These factors include planning, design management, design development services, project cost and scheduling, procurement, document controlling, risk management, quality management, innovation management, value engineering, safety, capacity building, construction management, test and commissioning.

Enmar Engineering is a reliable partner for our clients by addressing every aspect, integrating with the project and teams, prioritizing client’s requirements and interests.

Tier certification is a global standardization system which determines the operation continuity and reliability for Data Centers. Data Centers are awarded with this certificate if they fully comply with certificate requirements. There are four Tier Certificates indicated as Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3 and Tier-4. As the Tier level rises, it introduces additional features to the previous Tier level while keeping the previous level features. As a result, Tier-4 is the most comprehensive Tier class which is completely redundant, fully fault tolerant. Tier-4 can allow any fault or unplanned activity while still maintaining operations.

Enmar Engineering has handed over various Tier certified Data Centers and one of the most significant company in this subject. Also awarded with Accredited Tier Designer Certificate, with a wide experience and knowledge, we can accomplish any kind of Data Center design in any sizes.