Enmar Engineering is one of the most respected and well-known engineering company in Turkey and also working in international projects for more than 27 active years in the market. Founded in 1993, we are delivering design, engineering and consultancy services with a diverse portfolio. Since the first day, our client-centered approach constituted our company code which is harmonizing our experience with turnkey solutions to accomplish client’s needs. 


Our vision is to be world’s leading engineering company by dedicating ourselves to what we do best: engineering solutions.

Our mission is in our belief that every client deserves excellence, quality, reliability and safety by requiring engineering services and we aim to achieve that. 

Our values consists of our mindset; they are solid and deep-rooted


For us safety is not a requirement, it is a claim for our customers and our partners. Facilitating a non-hazardous, safe from harm and a healthy workplace for people is an obligation for us. 


We believe quality is not a value to search for, it is what our customer demand to find. We believe that by choosing us, we will meet this quality in every point of the project and work accordingly to it. 


From our point of view, success is not only gained from the job we developed but also long-lasting relationships between our partners and clients we work and collaborate with. Finding custom solutions to each and every client, our loyalty and integrity to the project are the main frame of our approach.


Trust is the keystone between us and our customer to develop our relationship on a common understanding basis. Our commitment to the project, disciplined schedule, punctuality and elaboration are the reasons makes us well-founded.