Enmar Engineering is founded by Ertuğrul Ağaoğlu who is also the general manager of the company. He has been actively doing business in this market more than 30 years. At work, he focuses on our ability to innovate quickly, listening effectively to our customers, delivering what customers want and gaining regulatory support for financially-sustainable business models.

Ertuğrul Ağaoğlu graduated from Yıldız Technical University in 1984 majoring in electrical engineering. He worked in Saudi Arabia between 1984 and 1989. Till 1993 he took part in various projects at electrical designing and consulting area. In 1993 he founded Enmar Engineering and afterwards he executed divergent projects and still continues to do so. 



Bora Ketenci graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 2002. Since joining Enmar Engineering in 2005, he has been taking part in electrical project design and consulting area. Now he is continuing his work as general coordinator. His leading skills, foreseeing approaches and experience in broad area of design engineering makes him a reliable consultant to our customers.